Saturday, August 13, 2016

Kaveri's Project

Today I finally got a letter from one of my Compassion correspondents! It was a letter from Kaveri, and it is all about her Compassion project.

*Name and location of project not mentioned to protect privacy*

Kaveri says that there are 195 children in her project. It takes her 15 minutes to walk to her project from her house. Her favourite food to eat at the project is rice and she loves to draw. The project worker who wrote the letter on Kaveri's behalf says that she attends the project regularly and enjoys everything there, especially playing with toys! She says "She likes all food in the project" :)

The project worker says that Kaveri's family is happy because since attending the project she has broken some bad habits and is now behaving better. She ended by saying "She loves you so much."

What have you learned about your Compassion child's project (that is ok to share)?

Monday, August 1, 2016

Two Photo Updates!

Wow. It has been over a month since I posted anything! My Compassion-related life has been REALLY uneventful lately. My current theory is this: with the new letter-writing system in place, there must be a "bottleneck" effect happening in supporting countries as well as countries that run Compassion projects. People on both sides are possibly writing letters more frequently now and the translators/email/technology can't keep up! At least that would be a good problem to have. But as a result there has been literally nothing to share about my Compassion family, until today. 

You might remember over a month ago when I was assigned a new correspondent child, Malathi from India:

This picture I received of her was from 2013, so an update was more than due. I now have her updated picture! She is 12 years old now, turning 13 in October:

She's beautiful! And I love the colours of her dress :) My three letters I have sent to her so far have been translated according to MyCompassion, so I'm hoping to hear from her soon(ish).

I also got an updated picture of Saymen in Ethiopia, who is now 10 years old:

He is now in the equivalent of the third grade and his best subject is art. He likes to play group games, soccer, and hide-and-seek. Here are his 4 pictures side-by-side, to show how he has grown since being a part of Compassion's program!

I haven't heard from Saymen in awhile (as is to be expected with the current letter delays), but I'm hoping to hear from you soon!

Has anyone else gotten a photo update lately?