Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Photo Update (Finally!)

Hi everyone! I finally have some exciting Compassion-related news to share! I have received the first of two overdue photo updates for my Compassion family. Here is Rosalie, at 13 years old:

No smile this time, but that's ok. I still think she's beautiful :) Hopefully this means her other information (what grade she is now in, etc) will update on MyCompassion later this week so I can also share her progress with you. And when her sister Ronalie's photo updates, hopefully I can find it and compare the two...I am still trying to figure out if they are identical twins or not!

Next up for an overdue photo update: Misgana. And then hopefully some more letters! Stay tuned :)

*Update on Rosalie's other information added June 1, 2016 in the comments.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Hello everyone. I apologize for my silence in the blogging world over the past month and a half. Literally NOTHING has been happening in my Compassion-related world for quite some time now: no new letters, no new correspondent child and I am anxiously waiting on two overdue child photo updates! Other Compassion bloggers did a wonderful job of expressing their concerns and prayers related to the recent earthquakes in Ecuador so I did not feel that I had much else to add to what was already being said (which is why I shared some of those blog posts on my Facebook Page). I think part of the delays recently may have to do with the implementation of the new letter writing/receiving system. I am hoping it will get sorted out soon so I can hear from my Compassion family again and have something to share with you!

I have also been working hard at doing social media promotion for my novel that, Lord willing, will be published later this year. That has taken away some time from what I used to spend trying to think up great ideas for blog posts and things on the Facebook page. I am also still desperately in need of a better-paying job to provide for my sponsorships and my publishing costs, among other things. If you think of it, please pray that God's will be done in that situation.

So that's where I'm at right now. A lot of sitting around and waiting. And sometimes staring aimlessly out the window (the picture is a shot from just outside my house. We do get some really nice sunrises here!).