Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Compassion Family: A Year in Review

Time for a stereotypical New Years' post! Just kidding, this one is going to be short. This was my Compassion Family at the beginning of 2016:

If you've been following my blog, you'll see that there have been a few changes to this arrangement. First of all, Emanuel lost his financial sponsor quite early on in the year and I wasn't informed until it had already happened. However, because he is so young and I had only written to him for a short time I am hoping it wasn't too hard on him and that he now has a new sponsor who writes him lots of letters! Jose also left my Compassion Family as his family moved to an area in Peru where there isn't a Compassion project. 

Despite these losses I also had some new editions that brought my number up to 8 again:

Malathi joined as a correspondent child awhile ago, and Angel came along as another correspondent child just in time for Christmas! There were also some photo updates in there, as you can see :)

*I feel like I should add a disclaimer or some sort of note here that reads "Some Changes Pending in 2017." The reason for this is that I may lose two of my correspondent girls in the New Year due to the current situation in their country. I would also like to add JOY to my life (hint hint, see what I did there!) if God provides the finances and lets me know it's the right time. 

So stay tuned for more updates! Only the Lord knows what will happen with my Compassion Family in 2017.

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