Friday, December 2, 2016

Hola from Ecuador!

Today I found letters waiting for me from both of my Compassion friends in Ecuador: my sponsored child Blanca, and my correspondent Edison!

First up, here is an update from Blanca:

She is doing well in school and working hard so that she can "be promoted to the next school year". She got some new school supplies at her project. She visited her uncles in Quito and had fun and went to church there. She asks me to pray for her studies.

Edison's photo has updated since I wrote to him last. He spent his vacation with his family and says "and every day I feel better." He is trying to finish high school now so that he can go to college someday. He says "I know it is difficult but not impossible, if you have faith in God everything you propose you will achieve it." He says he is learning interesting things at his project. I am always amazed by his faith and his wisdom!

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