Wednesday, November 9, 2016

An End and a Beginning

Today when I logged onto MyCompassion, I found much to my surprise a letter waiting for me classified as "Final Letter." It was written on behalf of Jose, one of my correspondent "kids":

Dear Sponsor (it was addressed both to his financial sponsor and myself),
My very warm greetings to you. We hope the love of God reign in your home. This letter is to thank you on behalf of Jose, who is very happy for all the support received that was of great impact to his life. He could discover through your letters and presents that generous people exist, but due to personal and family issues he is no longer coming to the program. His life has taken a new path. He could enjoy a well-balanced diet, medical, psychological and educational assistance, as well as camps, retreats, field trips, birthday and Christmas celebrations. Our church is very grateful for such generosity. My God always bless you. We encourage you to continue blessing the life of a new child. We will pray for you. Sincerely, N. (Project Director)

I hope that the reasons he had to leave were good ones, such as the fact that both his mom and his aunt both had babies recently and maybe they need his help around the house more. But I may never know. Thankfully, God does. Please keep Jose in your prayers. He is only 14 years old and whatever country you're from the teenage years can be tough, especially if there isn't a strong support system in place like this project at his local church.

As much as this is sad news to receive, it was exactly perfect timing as well. I had already planned to contact Compassion Canada this morning and ask to be added to the waiting list for one more correspondent child! So now the waiting begins, before I will "meet" someone new to write to and encourage.

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