Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kaveri: Hope in Hardships

I received another letter from Kaveri today. It was titled "Something About Me." 

Here are some of the things I learned about her:

She is really good at singing, and she enjoys dancing. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher!

Her favourite colour is orange and one of her favourite games is hide-and-seek.

She goes to school a lot. Her dad works as a driver and her mom maintains the home. She helps her mom at home and loves her family very much. 

She is shy but very kind. She loves all kinds of fruits but her favourite is mango. The project worker writing on her behalf says She want fruit, sweets and so many food but she can't tell her parents because she feel families poor condition. Her understanding power is very good. While that is so heartbreaking to hear, it also shows that she has a lot of understanding at a very young age. And the letter doesn't end there!

She gets along well with her teachers and likes to help needy people. She loves attending her project. Her parents are very happy that she is attending the project and are glad that my family is also here to help her.

Despite the very difficult situation she is living in every day, she has hopes and dreams for her future and is treating other needy people with kindness. Even though her parents may not be able to provide her with many material things, they love her very much and are likely also learning new things from their daughter's experience at the project. The Compassion project at her local church is changing her life! 

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