Thursday, September 24, 2015

Then and Now

Hi everyone! Today I want to tell another story using pictures. These pictures are a glimpse into the lives of six special members of my Compassion family. I've put their very first sponsorship pictures side-by-side with pictures of them after having spent a couple or more years in Compassion's program at their local church. Whether it's the fact that they are wearing cleaner clothes, standing up straighter, or maybe even smiling--these pictures show just a hint of the difference that Compassion is making in their lives:

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Importance of Education

As a kid, I loved going to school. This is me on my first day of kindergarten (I know, stylish right?). Learning was fun and exciting, and I made many memories with my friends over the years. Like the time in kindergarten that my friend decided to call God on a toy phone because the boys wouldn't share the play food. Or being on a team that won a contest in grade 4 and we all got Triple Power Push Pops as a reward. And field trips. Lots of field trips! And being in school plays and musicals. And creating our own plays and musicals on the school yard just for fun. And most of the time, I never thought twice about these things.

I didn't realize that participating in these special trips and performances was a privilege. I never had to worry that my parents wouldn't have enough money to send me to school--it was free! Even in high school we didn't have to pay for textbooks--they were passed down to the next class year after year. Shopping for school supplies was exciting; we never had to worry about not being able to afford pencils or glue, etc. And we usually bought new outfits for the new school year as well. I never had to lie awake at night wondering if I would ever be able to go to school, or if my parents would be able to send me to school the next year. I took it for granted. It was my right!

Sadly, this is not the case for many children around the world. In many countries, children from extremely poor families cannot afford the tuition fees, uniforms, and school supplies required to receive an education. To them, education is not a right, but a privilege. Without formal training in important skills like reading, writing, math, problem solving, and other things, it is very hard for these children and their families to break the cycle of poverty.

Thankfully, organizations like Compassion are working hard to make sure these children can go to school. Child sponsorship fees help support one child, including providing what they need in order to get to school: backpacks, shoes, uniforms, tuition, school supplies, whatever they need. You can also send additional financial gifts to your child and their family, which may allow them to purchase more of these things. There are also Gifts of Compassion that are focused on education, such as purchasing books for a library ($25) or building an entire classroom ($120)! To learn more about these and other Gifts of Compassion, go to You can be sure that your gift, whether big or small, is making a huge difference in the life of a child! Help them to have great experiences at school like we enjoyed as children, so they can grow and develop the skills they need to be leaders in their communities. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mi Familia

I got my first Compassion letter of the month yesterday! When I opened the envelope I was excited to see that Compassion Canada has a new design for their stationery:

I think it looks great!

My letter was from Emanuel, my correspondent child in Bolivia. He just turned 7 years old in June.

The letter was titled "Mi Familia" which means "My Family". Here is what I learned about Emanuel and his family in the letter:

  • His siblings' names are Wilson, Victor, Noami and Jhoon. Seeing as Emanuel listed his name last, I'm guessing he may be the youngest sibling.
  • His aunt and uncle also live with his family.
  • He enjoys going to the park with his family.
  • At home, his chore is doing homework.
  • He and his mom went to visit his grandma who lives in the countryside, and "he had a lot of fun in the field" :)
He also drew this picture:

Emanuel's entire family benefits from his sponsorship through Compassion, from receiving healthy food to eat, to having opportunities to hear about Jesus through the workers at the local church and Compassion project!

If you would like to help a child like Emanuel and their family, there are many children who are waiting right now for a loving sponsor through Compassion. In fact, there is another little boy named Emmanuel from Bolivia who is currently waiting for a sponsor. Click here if you would like more information about him!