Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Mail Highlights

Today I received three letters from my sponsored and correspondent kids! For some reason they all came at the end of the month, but they were definitely worth the wait. Here's an update on three members of my Compassion Family:

Jose's letter came with a photo! I'm guessing this is what he bought with Christmas gift money, but it didn't actually specify that in the letter. I learned that his two dogs' names are Rocky and Princesa. He is in grade 6 now and "learning wonderful things." I haven't had him as a correspondent very long, and at the time he wrote this letter he had only received two letters from me, but he says "You are my best friend. May God bless you! I love you." Just goes to show what a big difference letters can make! :)

Rosalie's mom wrote to me, telling me that she went to VBS in March. Now it is summer vacation, and she is spending time at her uncle's house. She will still be in special education classes in the fall due to her learning disability. Her mom said there is only one teacher at the school that Rosalie likes, because that teacher is nice to her. Fortunately, at her Compassion project, Rosalie's mom says she likes almost all the teachers because they understand her situation. If you think of it, please keep my friend Rosalie in your prayers.

I also got an update from Blanca! She says that she got a blanket and a bag full of cookies from her project during the Christmas holidays. She had a wonderful time spending the holidays with her family. She took some tests at school, and got the highest math mark in her entire class! It's been so encouraging to hear about her progress in school over these past couple years.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Big Dreams

I got a letter from my friend Saymen in Ethiopia today. He is 8 years old now, almost 9. Time seems to have flown by quickly since I started writing to him just before his 6th birthday! The theme of the letter was "My Hobbies and Pets", and it seems that my Saymen is turning out to be quite the thoughtful little guy!

His current hobby is playing soccer. He wrote "one hobby I would like to begin someday is helping people." Great goal if you ask me! :)

He also told me that if he got to have a dog as a pet one day he would name it Buchi.

He told me about an endangered animal in Ethiopia and asked what types of animals are endangered in my country (I'll admit, I had to go to Google for that one!)

Then he said some things that show that he is really dreaming big for his future, which I am really excited about!

I previously asked him if there were any countries he would like to visit someday. He said "One of the countries I want to visit is Israel because this is the place where Jesus was born."

And his prayer request was this: "Pray that I can be successful like the head of states."

I love how this letter shows that Saymen is learning that poverty cannot hold him down, and that all things are possible with God! Poverty isn't going to stop his dreams :)