Monday, October 27, 2014

My Little Sister

I received another letter from Rosalie today, written by her mom. Rosalie is 12 years old and lives in the Philippines with her family. I've sponsored her since March this year, and already she is beginning to reciprocate some of the love and care I have for her--we are definitely making progress to becoming good friends :) Here is what the letter said:

Rosalie and my family are excited because we have another letter from you. She received your family picture. By the way, Belated Happy Birthday to you! Rosalie and her twin sister will celebrate their birthday on Oct. 10. We have many new teachers here in the Project. They are kind and have long patience. In school, they are now having their First Periodical Test. Rosalie has 6 brothers, and her father passed away. We don't have pet in the house because the space we have is only enough for us. Rosalie asked if she could call you sister?

Love and care,
R. (mother of Rosalie)

To her question I responded, of course!!! I already think of my sponsored girls as my younger sisters so I think it's pretty sweet that she asked that <3

Here is a picture of my beautiful little sister in the Philippines!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Saymen's Photo Update

Look at this, two blog posts in one day! I guess that makes up for no posts this past month :) I just checked and Saymen, my 8-year-old correspondent child in Ethiopia, has an updated picture! Here's all 3 in order, from the oldest to the newest.

I hope we'll be able to continue writing to each other for years to come. As soon as I got his first picture and information I imagined being able to watch him grow up into a wonderful, Godly young man <3


Hello Compassion friends! I apologize for the lack of posts lately. My school year has been off to a crazy start, and it's been a slow month mail-wise so I haven't had much to report about my Compassion family. I am hoping to hear from some of them soon, though!

Today I want to highlight some of the children on Compassion International's website who are waiting for sponsors.

Do you remember Picture Day as a kid in elementary school? Your mom probably dressed you in some of your nicest clothes and told you to smile in the pictures (at least mine did). You wanted to make sure everything was just right, because this picture would hang on a wall in your house, and your relatives would see it too. Or maybe you are more like my younger brother, who, when my mom asked if he smiled in his picture he said "yep" and then we got the picture back...showing a very serious look on his face.

There are many ways that God calls us to sponsor kids. I was partially drawn to my Rosalie through her beautiful smile. If you haven't seen that picture yet, here it is:

Many kids that come to Compassion's projects on registration day will have beautiful pictures looking similar to this but sometimes they end up more like my brother's! Especially because having your picture taken is a big deal in many countries where Compassion works. Sometimes we get to see an aspect of their unique personalities through their sponsorship picture, and it's really quite entertaining. Today I want to highlight four expressive kids who are waiting for loving sponsors. Click on their names if you want to see more information about them on Compassion International's website! Do you have room for any of them in your Compassion family?

This sweet face is the inspiration for this blog post! This is 3-year-old Mirian. She looks a little confused. Or maybe the sun was too bright!

This little man isn't too sure about what's going on! Click here to learn more about Jhon.

It looks like Luz is saying "I want YOU to be my sponsor!"

And Mirianny from the Domician Republic is just loving life. 

I hope this pictures made you smile! Why not bring a smile to one of these faces by giving them the good news that they have a sponsor who loves them?